Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colnago Sport Project Finished!

I've been out of town for a week on business back home in Newfoundland, it was a nice visit home but very busy. When I got back home to Halifax my shifters for the Colnago were waiting for me in the mail! Monday I dropped down to the bike shop and Roger at the Halifax Cycle Gallery was kind enough to give me a deal on a short piece of derailleur housing and a few tips. I'll be doing a lot of business in the future with him I fear. Got the stuff home and...huh? The braze-on on the chainstay for the dearilleur cable was way to small to fit the housing tip! Turns out, on some of the old Italian frames you needed a special tapered housing tip (should have been more careful when I threw out all the old housing and cables...). Roger didn't have any but the gents at Cyclesmith did. So for $0.63 I was able to get the proper setup.

Well it's all installed and adjusted, and today was practically like a summer day here in Halifax (almost 17 degrees!), so I took the Colnago on a ride on my lunch break down to the Cycle Gallery and back, just to test it out, and show it off to Roger.

It rides beautifully. So fast feeling and it shifts perfectly and brakes on a dime.

So at last, the final pictures of this build.