Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homemade Retro Denim Tool Kit!

So after seeing my first Brooks B-17 saddle in person at Harold's (my LBS) the other day and seeing how funny my seat bag wedge looked on my Surly LHT, I started looking at alternative.

The brooks has two loops on the backside of it for old style English canvas bags. I've seen Jerome's Surly LHT a MILLION times. I asked him what the bag on the back of his seat was. His response started with "Glad you like it. You're gonna like's a tool roll." It is simply a piece of canvas with tools rolled into it and held on with old leather toe straps!

A while ago I cleaned out my pants drawer of old jeans with holes worn in the crotch or other places. I put them away so that I could recycle them into bags, or whatever I could think of! Perfect opportunity to try out my beginner sewing skills!

Just cut out a leg and sewed the edges to prevent raveling. I then cut off the read pocket and sewed it to the center of the tool wrap and that's it! I just took off the toe straps from my old toe clips and I'm done!

All I need now is my Brooks B-17...

Thanks Jerome!


  1. No problem bud. And man, you did a great job. Certainly one-up on my roll. After you use these for a while, you'll really grow to appreciate how well they really do work. NIcely done.


  2. It's so great, maybe someone will make one for me in the future :)