Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Night on the Town

I took the front rack off for now. Good thing is it's all set up for the right height, I just have to throw it back on with 4 bolts when I'm ready to tour. Also my camera sucks and I should probably try and use some sort of tripod.

I wanted to get a shot of her in the sunset over Conception Bay South (CBS) but was a little late getting on the road. Then I thought the city in the background lit up would be nice, but my camera always likes to give me a "Low Light" warning unless it's bright as mid day out.

Should be warm enough (and no more salt on the roads) for me to start commuting on the Surly LHT next week. I've been riding my folding bike on the hardpack and ice covered trail around a pond next to the University after my lunch break. Interesting experience in underbiking that is for sure. Good way to get 5 km in during the day. But decided to take the LHT out for an extra spin tonight when I got home.

I'm attending a group ride to ring in spring on Sunday, organized by a local bike collective, Ordinary Spokes.

Spring is in the air.

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