Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strange emails, new tech toys, and beating my legs to death.

Earlier this week I received an email from one Harriet Hungerford, the supposed editor of the website, "the worlds leading 'how to' website," in their own words. I am familiar with the site but don't know a whole lot about it. Th gist of the email is they are starting a new section called VideoJug Pages, and are looking for "a select group of writers & bloggers to become Founding members of the Cycling Channel on the new service which is called 'Videojug Pages'." Anyway after a bit of research and actually getting a response back from what seems to be a real person named Harriet Hungerford it seems to be legitimate. I guess I just found it strange that got tapped as I don't really consider myself part of "a select group." But anyway I'm going to look into it and perhaps make some pages about bike lingo, and how to choose a bike style. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Slowly but surely I am amassing things for my Cross Canada Tour next year and one of the things that has been on the list, while a little unusual, is a cell phone. More specifically, a smart phone. I've never had a cell phone of my own before as I just didn't really have a need. Not a whole lot of people call me! But of course with me biking everywhere, and going out long distances on my own, the need of having one became apparent when I would worry about getting stranded due to a mechanical. So I figured if I was going to get a phone, I might as well get one that can be used for multiple things, such as internet, gps, and music. So I patiently waited for the new line of Android phones from HTC to arrive in Canada, still unsure of which one I would buy, or if I would just get an iPhone. This past week I have been the proud new owner of an HTC Legend (engadget review).

The second picture is actually a really neat app I downloaded (for free) from the android market called "My Tracks." It utilizes the GPS in the phone to give you all kinds of info about your speed, distance, elevation etc, along with a graph of elevation and speed as a function of distance or time, and it even maps the route you took! You can even send it from your phone straight to your google maps account!

View Ride To Alannas House in a larger map

I have until next Monday to return the phone and cancel my contract with Virgin Mobile if I change my mind about the purchase, no strings attached (except paying for my usage). However, I'm really impressed with the phone and all the neat things it can do from car/transit/walking directions on google maps, to linking all my gmail/facebook contacts with my phone contacts and putting all the stuff from one person in one place. It is barrels of fun. This will come into handy when on tour. I didn't want to take a laptop of anykind, but now I will have access to the wealth of knowledge on the internet along with gps and a phone all in the palm of my hand.

So it has been a pretty hard week for my legs.
-Biked back and forth to work three days in a row. -112km
-Biked to Alannas house at 10pm Friday night ~15km (btw the planet bike lights worked great!)
-Biked around town doing some errands Saturday ~10km
-Saturday went for my first run ever -2.5 miles, walked home 1.5 miles.
That's right I've started running. Alanna is super into running and has mentioned wanting me to run with her only a few times since we've been together. Mainly because she knew I had no interest in it at all. But her training was suffering due to our weekend snuggle/sleep-in/junk-fests, and she was feeling pretty down about being ready for the Tely 10 in time for the race. So I dropped the bomb. "I'll guess I'll have to start running with you." I said. Even going as far as saying I'd run the Tely 10 with her this year, even though I most likely will have no chance of being able to finish that race. But there it is.

I went out, dropped 120 bucks on running shoes and started. My first run was fun, short but fun. But it made my shins hurt. So I'll just have to take it slow and see how it goes. I'm not going to get into it like Alanna, but it will be nice thing to do for "cross-training" purposes, and to spend time with my lady.

Anyway, back to the pain. Then Saturday night I went to a friends party and got hammered. Got home 230am-ish. Got up at 730am to go spectate my friends first triathlon, then had to bike the 15km back home. Not to mention I have to bike to work tomorrow, due to lack of motor vehicle.
I can do it, but my legs will not be happy with me.

I also managed to make a DIY bracket to attach my Planet Bike Superflash to the center of my rear Surly Nice Rack. But my first attempt was flawed, and it kept getting bent and I thought it was going to crack off. So here is my second attempt.

It's just part of a small broom handle with a counter-sunk hole drilled into it for the bolt. Simple, yet I think it will be effective.

Well that's it for know, it's passed my bedtime. Ill leave you with some sample pics from my HTC Legend. It doesn't quite replace the Nikon D50, but it ain't too shabby either!

Having a time.

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