Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Finished Bianchi Brava Build

So I'm still not posting a lot. Oh well :)

But I finished my late 80's Bianchi Brava build, the only thing it needs now is decals which I have on order.

Shimano Ultegra 600 Cranks, rear hub, and derailleurs,
Shimano 105 Italian bottom bracket, headset, and front hub
Nitto stem, and Velo Orange bars
Brooks B17 and bar tape
Shimano 105 9 speed STI's


  1. Awesome! I'm almost done with my late 80s Brava build. It's been a roller coaster of emotion. Is yours a 27 inch fork? If so, what did you use for brakes?

    1. You mean as in for 27" wheels? If so, no. Mine was built for 700c. It came with standard 105 side pulls, but I swapped them out for some RX100 Dual Pivot. If you're having issues with brake reach you could always try the tektro long reach calipers. They're not expensive and they're a great help for converting 27" to 700c.

      Nashbar makes a set for a few bucks cheaper.

      and Tektro even makes EXTRA long reach

      Good luck with the rebuild! Feel free to post a link to pics!

    2. Awesome. Yeah, I went with the Tektros. I'll definitely post picks when it's done (soon, I hope!). Your bike looks sweet by the way.