Saturday, May 1, 2010

1000 Words

This is me.

This is my commute (the good part).

This is my office with a free photography lesson I didn't ask for from my friend William.

This is my parents house.

This is a weekend group ride I help organize.

This is my girl.

This is my rainy city.

And last but not least, this is Sprocket.

So I really like that camera, especially with the 50mm lens. The lenses need to be cleaned as you can probably see in some of the pictures, but I think most of the photos I took turned out pretty good (imho, good enough for me anyway). These aren't all of them, but a good fraction. Have to get some more film now.

Tomorrow I will be taking my Giant FCR 2 out to Harold's bike shop. I'm going to true the wheels, clean up the derailleurs and cassette, and probably replace the chain. Then it is going up on the market. The money from that bike will help me pay for a significant amount of the equipment I need for my travels this summer as well as my planned Cross Canada Bike trip in the summer of 2011. Otherwise it will sit in my parents shed for most of this summer as I will be mostly riding my Surly LHT around, and then all of next year due to my journey. If I want another road bike in 2 years time, I'll worry about it then. It was a good bike, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I just really don't see a reason for keeping it right now.

Oh by the way, I've commuted around 150km this week. Not a bad start to the summer.

PS: This coming week I am going to attempt to start making more "educational" entries for the beginners as I had originally planned. "Talk the Talk" will finally continue with a second installment on the drive train.


  1. Trucker looks great man! Nice camera too. Were some of those pictures taken with it? They've got a great, almost soft look to them. I really like it.


  2. I was expecting to find the faux mustache picture here :)

    Also, Sprocket called and said he wants to come stay with me for awhile, kbye.

  3. Thanks Jerome. All of those pics were taken with the Canon Al-1. I really like the look of them too.

    Alanna, nomnomnom