Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Addition...again!

I really didn't mean to buy another bike...honest. The people over at the Classic and Vintage section just have me drooling over all the neat old steel bikes they find and stuff like that is never around my area!

But I saw an ad for a Norco Road Bike with very little info and a not so great pic, but there was a chance it was a nice bike, and was only asking $40!

Needless to say the condition will be spoken for by the photos and it's my exact size, so I had to take it home with me.

A Mid '80s Norco Avanti SL

Frame and fork are both Tripple Butted Ishiwata Cromo
Derailleurs and Shifters are Suntour (no model names on the derailleurs)
Crankset is a Sugino No. 6
Headset in Tange TG235 (?)
Stem and Bars are WinPista
brakes and levers are Dia Compe
27 1/4in wheels on Suzue hubs (same make hub on my Colnago Sport, but different model)
not sure what the BB is yet.

best part is it's in great condition! few minor scrapes to the paint and some rust spotting on the chrome parts but nothing serious. I should be able to put new cables and housing on this, tune up the brakes and derailleurs and ride! But I am going to check the chain for stretch and probably repack BB, Headset, and wheels. This should be an easy restore for me just need to get a few tools to do the job which I need anyway.

I'll probably keep it, at least for a while. But once it's cleaned up and fixed up it should be no trouble to sell it for a decent price... If I can bear to part with it.


  1. I only meant to buy one or two of the 8 bikes in my basement. Your wife and my wife should definitely not get together.

    Good looking bike!

  2. at least it has forged dropouts. nice simple road bike.

  3. Yep! It's got a bit of a longer wheelbase than the colnago, so it's a bit more of a sport bike. I think it will get some nice fenders down the road.

  4. Smart bike...I wouldn't want to sell it I would just have to keep it...!!


  5. you're too funny Hugh... you definitely got the bug. Glad to see the 'Nago coming along. I'm now interested in converting to 650b. Already put Nitto Moustache bars and a Technomic stem on my commuter. That Holdsworth is still here waiting for you BTW...

  6. haha yeah I got it bad man!

    After the tools and repair stand I bought yesterday I think my budget is tapped out for the year. If you want to sell me the Holdsworth completer for $40 we'll talk lol

  7. would love to know where to get some old suntour components. I'm slowly fixing up a mid 80's Norco Avanti (my first project) and it needs new shifters and a new front derailer.

    1. Hi Raymond,
      Have you tried the Classic and Vintage section of ?

      Great community and they have their own C&V sales section within the C&V section. If you sign up (have to pay a fee to be able to post in buy/sell/trade section) you should have no trouble finding some old suntour stuff. Or ebay should also be plentiful. However if I were you I wouldn't be too worried about keeping it original. Avanti isn't a real high end bike, so mixing it up a bit won't be too big of a snafu. If you wanted to stick with suntour I would go with some Suntour AR stuff, and maybe even suntour barcons.

      Good luck in your project, and be sure to link to some pics when you get them!

    2. Thanks Hughie! I'll check into bike forums and ebay, and look up your recommendations. I appreciate the help! It's hard to know initially where to look when just coming into the bike world.

      I'll get some pictures up when I can!