Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Additions - Update

So all day I couldn't wait to take my trailer for a spin, and also pick up some things needed to start cleaning up the Colnago Sport! Finally 5pm rolled around and I started getting ready.

Me and the trailer headed to Canadian Tire for some cleaning chemicals, Propeller Brewery for some tasty root beer, and then the grocery store! $110 worth of groceries + other supplies later!

This hitch mechanism is a little bizarre, but I have to say, the little trailer did alright for itself.

Then I started disassembling the Colnago Sport. Brakes, levers, cables and handlebar tape was the first stuff to go. I've already got my old Tektro levers from when I converted the Surly to V-brakes. There are also a set of Shimano 105 brakes for sale on ebay ending tomorrow afternoon with no bids yet. Hoping to snatch them up. The brakes and levers I will probably give away. If someone wants to give me a couple of bucks for them for an old restore or something then so be it, but other than that they might hit the junk pile.

Took the chain off (garbage), and then the front and rear derailleurs. I put them in a jar of varosol to start breaking down the gunk on them. If I decide not to upgrade to Shimano 600 7 speed right way, these parts can be re-used. They are still very functional. Waiting for all the varosol to dry on them overnight so I can re-lube them. I also disassembled the shifters, cleaned them out, and applied some white grease.

I meant to buy brake cleaner to clean off the rims, hubs, and spokes, but I forgot it.

The big differences I saw tonight was on the fork and on the crank. There were some small rust spots on the chrome fork. After reading up on it a bit, I decided to try 0000 grade steel wool + mothers chrome polish. After about a minutes worth of work... well look at the difference.

Non-polished on the left, polished on the right. All the small rust spots buffed right out! There are still some small areas of pitting on the fork, but hard to notice with that shine! I took the chain rings off and wiped the grease off them to make them a little shiny again, and I gave the crank arms a bit of a polish as well.

Things still to do
-Disassemble the headset to clean and re-grease. (Lost my vice grips in the move and don't have a wrench big enough!)
-The Bottom Bracket is not very smooth. I need to remove it to try to repack the bearings, and if I screw it up I'll just buy a new cheap square taper BB.
-Freewheel cassette needs to be soaked and cleaned, also needs to be tested for wear.
-Wheels need to be cleaned and trued.

Once these are done, and I get new brakes I can start putting her back together! I'll be sure to keep the blog up to date on my progress.

It's nice to actually do a project for a change instead of just writing about doing one.


  1. That fork came up a treat...looks really good now
    Nice to see that you are getting on with the will look pretty good when it's completed.