Thursday, March 24, 2011


Woohoo! Got my rear derailleur for the Colnago today! Just threw it on there quickly.

It's got a few scuff marks and the jockey wheels need some serious TLC, but it's in great shape!
So happy I was able to get a matching 6401 Shimano 600 FD and RD.

Also sold my old freewheel for $10!

Still selling a Suntour AR II Rear Derailleur, Tektro Oryx Canti set, and an old Vetta Saddle.

Plus, there may be an addition to the stable tonight... "we're gonna need a bigger boat."


  1. A nice find...looking good.


  2. Yeah I'm really pleased with the build so far. It has been a little more expensive and quicker than I originally planned, but it's coming along real nice.